Home The inflatable snowball can be used for several promotional purposes. The inflatable snowball can be used for several promotional purposes. It not only represents an extremely attractive form of promotion, but also protects the product against various weather influences. A comfortable stay for several people is possible, regardless of low outside temperatures.Styrofoam, which circulates […]


Home An igloo is ideal for outdoor promotions, especially in the winter period. The possible uses are very diverse, such as the simultaneous stay of several people, broadcasting video material, product storage, as well as a refreshment room and for broadcasting music and entertainment programs. There is the option of installing a door and modularly […]

Air Jumper

Home Large air cushions are used for safe landing when performing demonstration jumps. The air cushion is made of special, durable materials that allow it to adhere well when landing. It is composed of two chambers with safety openings, which enables a very safe and good landing. Send us your non-binding inquiry Similar Products Similar […]

Mobile tents

Home Depending on the shape and the purpose, tents can be used as starting points for competitions, as registration points for competitions, as food and drink stands for product promotion. There are several shapes and sizes. They can be open or closed on all sides. Send us your non-binding inquiry Send us your non-binding inquiry […]


Home Start and finish gates are ideal for all types of outdoor sports competitions, as well as for promoting branded products. Your advantage is quick assembly and disassembly, good mobility and minimal transport and storage requirements. Semi-circular, sloping and rectangular gates are made, which can have a temporary or permanent branding. Send us your non-binding […]