Front blade for tractors RS

The front blade RS is unique in its movement functions and its universal application possibilities.

for processing of:

      • skating and classic cross-country ski trails
      • toboggan runs, ski lifts for kids


      • ideal for the distribution of snow depots
      • compensation of transverse grooves in

toboggan runs

      • easy to attache and remove from tractor


      • 8-Way-Blade RS8
      • Width 150/190/210/240 cm (H 70 cm)
      • Category Cat. 1/2 (ISO 8759-1)


      • 12-Way-Blade RS12
      • Width 280/320/360/400 cm (H 70 cm)
      • Category Cat. 2 (ISO 8759-1

8-way-blade with rigid wings:

TypeWidthwith Wings3-PointTractor
RS8-150150 cm190 cmKat. 1/240 PS
RS8-190 190 cm230 cmKat. 1/245 PS
RS8-210210 cm250 cmKat. 250 PS
RS8-240240 cm280 cmKat. 275 PS

12-way-blade with hydraulic wings:

RS12-280250 cm280 cmKat. 275 PS
RS12-320280 cm320 cmKat. 2100 PS
RS12-360320 cm360 cmKat. 2140 PS
RS12-400360 cm400 cmKat. 2160 PS

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