We have a large selection of all equipment and accessories required in ski areas.

Mats are protective coverings for pillars of various sizes. Their main function is safety in ski centers, since they protect skiers from injuries when they hit the pillar
protect. We carry mats for supporting pillars of the ski lift, as coverings for snow-making systems, straight mats for larger areas and smaller mats for signage.
Due to their specific composition, the main property of protective coverings is their water resistance, so that they do not freeze even at extremely low temperatures.
There is the possibility to have the mats manufactured in different shapes and sizes, according to specific customer requirements.
The mats are made from composite materials, from extruded mesh polyethylene, in the combination of sheets and tubes. They are covered with polyester-PVC fabric with a density of 680 g / m2. The fabric is UV-resistant and is supplied in bright marking colors. Standard thicknesses are: 6 cm, 8 cm, 10 cm, 12 cm and 15 cm.

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