Net sticks are made of polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is highly resistant to mechanical damage, low temperatures and UV radiation. Net sticks are supplied together with net carriers, net tensioners and plugs at the top. Standard dimensions: ø 35mm, height 2.5 m and 1.6 m. They are available in red and blue colors.

Drawing columns can be made of metal or polycarbonate, depending on the type and number of characters to be attached. The standard width of the polycarbonate column for signage is ø 48mm, height 2.5m. They are supplied with adapters and associated clamps for attaching symbols and are manufactured in yellow, black, red and blue colors. Metal columns are available as: galvanized metal columns for signal signs ø 150 mm, height 6m; galvanized metal columns for signal signs ø 60 mm, height 3m.

Polycarbonate poles ø 30mm, height 2.5m, in yellow-black color, are used to mark various dangers on the slopes. They can be labeled with: No passage, icy slope, lack of snow, slope edge and other dangers. They are also used to attach mesh characters.

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