Snowflake (Dry-Slope)

Snowflake is the latest product in the range that enables the creation of an artificial ski slope for skiing, snowboarding and tubing that can be used anywhere in the year, even in inaccessible areas without snow. Snowflake is made from very thick polyethylene with various additives, which produces ski pads with different properties (fast, slow, hard, soft). A softer and slower snowflake pad is used as a ski pad for beginners and children.
Snowflake is used for the following purposes: summer skiing and snowboarding, ski jumping and extreme sports, Nordic skiing in summer, undisturbed movement of the skier in start and end ski lift stations, on the mountain peaks and in parts of the ski slopes where the snow is difficult to keep, winter and summer tubing, adventure parks, and electric karting. The advantages of using the Snowflake pad are the possibility of using it all year round when there is no precipitation and when the temperature does not allow artificial snow to be made. It protects skiers on uneven slope parts and parts without snow, does not interfere with the formation of hard snow cover and snow melt, can be modularly connected and thereby form desired shapes, can be produced in different colors and branded according to customer needs.

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