Plastic tyre guides

Plastic tyre guides

Track guides made from high performance ROBALON plastic for outstanding endurance.
  • Resistant to low temperatures
  • No splits or breaks
  • Lightweight
  • Noticeable chain spring improvement
  • Extremely high wear resistance
  • No ice or snow accumulation
  • UV and weather resistant

Special Feature: Extremely durable – up to 6,000 operating hours Supply range: All current manufacturers and types
  • Leitner LH500 / Prinoth Leitwolf traditional
  • Prinoth Everest / Everest Power / Beast / Leitwolf (neues Modell)
  • Gams-Ketten wie PistenBully 600 / 600 Polar / Bison
  • Special models available on request (according to a sketch or template)
  • PistenBully Ketten mit 5, 6 oder 7 Bänder und neuere Loipenmaschinen

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