Track cleats

Track cleats

“Kombi Pro” Track cleats for replacements in the event of a breakage or serious wear available in different versions and suitable for Prinoth aluminium tracks and

Gams tracks:

  • Leitner LH500 / Prinoth Leitwolf traditional
  • Prinoth Leitwolf (neues Modell)
  • Prinoth Everest / Everest Power
  • PistenBully 600 / 600 Polar GK-PB69W
  • Prinoth Bison / Bison X
  • Prinoth Beast
  • Gams-Ketten für Prinoth-Pistengeräte

We can also offer the following replacement chain stays:

  • Aluminium “Kombi” with 40mm width, suitable for PistenBully
  • Aluminium 40mm width, for example suitable for PistenBully, Bombardier and Prinoth
  • Aluminium 30mm width, for example suitable for PistenBully or Bombardier
  • Aluminum “Kombi Plus” in 45mm width suitable for PistenBully 7-belt chains
  • Aluminum “Kombi Plus” in 40mm width suitable for PistenBully 6 belt chains

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